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An itinerary thought to let you discover the many varieties of Oman landscapes and its history. From the Hajar mountains range scattered with small traditional villages, to the historic cities oasis of Nizwa defeated by its majestic fort. From the frankincense and spices scented Souq to the smoothness of Wahiba sands dunes. From the magic of a night spent in the desert, to the arabian sea shores chosen by the green sea turtles to lay their eggs. After the tour continues to the natural pools of Wadi bani Khalid and to the Arabian sea. A never-ending succession of emotions will accompany you throughout our journey, driving along the Arabian sea shoreline, visiting turtles reserve, discover naturalistic pathway and the traditional architecture.

Packages - Price starts from US$ 845,00 onwards

 Classic : (3 Nights 4 Days)

 Enjoy : (5 Nights 6 Days)

 Discover : (6 Nights 7 Days)

 Adventure : (7 Nights 8 Days)

 Exotic : (8 Nights 9 Days)

 Explore : (11 Nights 12 Days)

 Overnight Trip : (0830am to 12:00noon the next day)

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